Tax Policy

It is important to understand the root of rising costs rather than just asking Ohioans for more money. Just as a proprietor can't continually fix problems by always charging customers more, we cannot fix our issues at the state level by asking taxpayers for more money. 


Opiate abuse and heroin addiction have reached every community in Ohio. We must address this issue with comprehensive solutions ranging from prevention and chain of custody to wrap-around treatment services. 

Military Careers 

Military jobs are an important part of the diversification of Ohio's overall jobs portfolio. With two bases in the 20th district, they are a stabilizing factor to the local economy. Our local military presence offers opportunities for our youth as it did for Representative Bishoff through the US Army. 


The issues of combat veterans pose a unique challenge to Central Ohio, and military jobs are critical to the US economy. 

The transition back to civilian life can be difficult for combat veterans returning home and their families. Their struggles are not confined to a vacuum — 34,000 Ohio children are part of this equation. Serving those that served our country should always be a priority of our state. 


With almost 2 million school-aged children in Ohio, education is an issue in critical need of attention. As a mother of four, Representative Bishoff feels the safety, academic achievement and funding of education in Ohio needs to be addressed with all stakeholders at the table and politics checked at the door. 

Small Business 

As a small business owner, Representative Bishoff is reminded of the challenges of doing business in Ohio each day. These challenges include the ups and downs of the local, state, US and global economy, human resources, cash flow and regulation. It is imperative to determine the difference in regulatory burden and common sense guardrails that show up in legislation at the statehouse. 

Transportation Infrastructure

We need to invest in infrastructure in order to support the 20th District's logistics and advanced manufacturing focus. We are home to an international airport and two military bases. Disappointingly, the portion of I-270 in District 20 is the last piece of the outer belt to be expanded, and the only section that still goes down to two lanes. A much needed investment in our infrastructure would add jobs, reduce transportation times and increase profitability for east and southeast Franklin County businesses. 

Neighborhood Safety

As a mother of four, Representative Bishoff understand that safety in our communities is paramount. She believes this is a key part of improving the quality of living, working and playing in Ohio

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