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Tuesday, August 12th

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce released its legislative endorsements today, throwing support behind 68 Republicans and 11 Democrats.

“Ohio’s economy continues to grow stronger, and the General Assembly has done its part, largely because there are pro-business majorities in both chambers,” said Cory Bailey, manager of political programs at the Ohio Chamber. “The goal of our endorsements is to let voters know who the candidates are that will continue pushing Ohio toward economic growth and prosperity.”


Saturday, August 9th

Law-enforcement agencies wield great power and therefore must be accountable to the public for its use. This applies regardless of who is paying an officer’s salary, especially when that employer is an institution such as a university.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is weighing in on a legal fight to establish that arrest records and incident reports of Otterbein University and other private universities and hospitals are public documents.

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